10. Last minute shopping…

At 00:01 today, Wednesday June 4th, 2014, FIFA released an extra 180,000 tickets for all 64 matches across the country.

These were returned tickets, tickets freed up by FIFA finally figuring out how many seats there were available in each stadium, (or something equally ridiculous), and selling tickets previously allocated for reduced mobility fans. I was online at midnight.

Unfortunately, apparently so was the rest of the world. I have been staring at the following screen, going slowly insane, for the past 98 minutes now:

I don't think they really do apologise for the delay...

I don’t think they really do apologise for the delay…

This time four years ago, I had just arrived in Cape Town, South Africa, to learn of a similar last-minute release of tickets. Some new-found friends and I headed straight down to the ticket office at 2am, where we were number 632 in a queue of people, and spent over sixteen hours waiting to see if we were among the few dozen people for whom the computers didn’t crash nationwide.

We got lucky, on so many levels.

A few minutes before the bank was due to close, we stole the keyboard from the hopeless bank staff and bought up all the tickets that were available.

Another plus point: we didn’t die in the queue, like one local guy did a hundred metres or so in front of us.

I’m happy I’m safe and warm in my hostel, online, but it’s getting difficult to stay awake: 108 minutes and counting…


Photo courtesy of Rennett Stowe


5 thoughts on “10. Last minute shopping…

  1. Joao says:

    Did you try to by tickets for the portuguese cup final on the fpf site?
    I did. For a few hours there was a similar “please wait… We’re sorry…” kind of page. Then it was a “you’re no. 1534648 in a queue of 3645745” page for another few hours until the final “thank you – tickets have sold out”.
    They just don’t care!

    • No, I guessed that with so many SLB members, I would have 0 chance of a ticket online, so I went to Jamor hours before the game to look for one.

      That was the only Benfica game this year I didn’t see…


      But the big difference is for that game, at least the tickets went to the fans!! (Mostly…)

      I have a blog coming soon about the Europa Final in Turin, and how many tickets FIFA actually sells to fans…

      • joao says:

        Well, 25% of the tickets were sold online on the fpf site when they knew that the touts/viagogo would be there in strength… why not give them to the teams?
        But yes, uefa’s ticket allocation for Turin is much more scandalous.
        Look foward to your new blog!

      • If you sold tickets to the teams, there would be no touts…Then again, if there were no touts, a lot of people would lose a lot of money!!

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