14. Benfica International…

I woke up this morning, (as I often do), and headed straight downstairs to breakfast in the youth hostel.

On the way, I bumped into two French guys who were in my dorm room, and who knew of my footballing passions due to a conversation we had had the night before.

“There’s one of yours down there,” one of them told me, happily.

(Except in French, of course).

I had no idea what he meant, but soon understood when, arriving on the ground floor, I was greeted by this guy:



The sheer ridiculousness of travelling halfway around the world to meet a Benfica supporter was added to by the fact that he was from Angola, (a former Portuguese colony).

And also that he, the African, was wearing a European jersey whilst I, the European, was wearing my Cameroon jersey, (my favourite African team due to the fact that I once, very briefly and very unofficially, worked for them).

This is football.

This is Benfica.

This is my life.


14 thoughts on “14. Benfica International…

  1. David Duarte says:

    Hey, when you’re a Benfica fan you know that you are never alone, no matter where you are.

    Keep up and have fun at the World Cup!

    P.S.: Hi POC 😀

  2. International Benfica lovers,

    The World Cup may be over, but we are on our way to another tri, and still with hopes of the Champions League (I am there cheering them on every game now that I am back in Lisboa).

    You can read about this incredible year in my new book: POC, thanks for your contribution already. This book is going to be the best football book of 2015…

    Come and join the fun!

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