15. World Cup News, Saturday 7th June…

I think i may start writing regular news updates, for all the fun facts and details I want to share with you, starting today with some sad news:

-I was just sent a message by a (new) Brazilian friend to tell me that former Brazilian, Internacional and Olympique de Marseille striker Fernandão has died in a helicopter accident in central Brazil.


Brazil striker Fernandão, RIP

I was lucky enough to see Fernando Lúcio da Costa play when his Internacional side beat Barcelona in the 2006 World Club Cup finals in Tokyo.

-There were friendlies across the footballing world yesterday: I watched Brazil struggle to a 1-0 win over one of my new favourite teams, Serbia, and heard the fans boo their team off at halftime, (Brazilians are a tough bunch when things aren’t going well!).

Apparently, post-match talk was more of striker Hulk’s ‘bunda’ than it was the game, (at least I learned a new word: bunda is Brazilian slang for ‘butt‘).

Hulk's posterior even has its own Twitter page...

Hulk’s posterior even has its own Twitter page

-My beloved Japan recovered from a two-goal deficit to defeat mighty Zambia, but the big news is all of the injuries which players are picking up. It seems strange to me to be playing so many friendlies, so close to the Finals, (and, seeing the way players were tackling at Australia vs Croatia last night, the fact that players are clearly not told to take things easy on each other!)

-We have lost Franck Ribéry from the French team, Marcus Reus is in doubt for Germany, England’s Oxlade-Chamberlain is fighting to recover from the knock he took (from a diving Ecuadorian pretending to have been fouled) on Wednesday, and Croatia may have lost Pranjić for a while.


All of that is without mentioning stars such as Colombia’s Falcao and Belgium’s Christian Benteke, who were ruled out before the season even ended, and world superstars CR7 and Luis Suarez, both of whom are  said to be touch and go for their countries’ opening matches.

The Huffington Post has put together a killer ‘Injured 11′ for you to enjoy!




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