17. World Cup News, Sunday 8th June…

Some quick updates from the world of the cup today, before I head to the gorgeous FIFA ticket collection centre here in Salvador to collect the remaining tickets I have managed to get hold of.


-I watched England struggle to a 0-0 draw with the mighty Honduras over a giant pizza last night, (me and some friends, not England). Honduras is one of the teams whose jerseys I own, so I wasn’t too disappointed, but yet again tackles were flying in so fast and furious, the name ‘friendly’ seems to have changed meaning.

-Apparently the way to avoid injury in friendlies is to get injured before the end of the season so you don’t have to play in them too much: Spano-Brazilian striker Diego Costa, (soon to be of Chelski, sadly), returned to play over an hour for Spain in their last pre-Cup game, beating El Salvador 2-0.


-Not such good news for one of my tips of the tournament, Belgium, as Chelski’s on-loan striker Romelu Lukaku limped off in their win last night against Tunisia.


-Another withdrawal to add to the list of injured: President Obama will no longer be attending the opening ceremony, (either he’s been reading my blog, or has heard about the continuing transport strike in São Paolo

which means he might not arrive at the stadium on time if he goes by bus).

Argentina decided to tell the world before their 2-0 defeat of Slovenia in last night’s friendly that The Falkland Islands, (or Las Malvinas, as they call them), are actually Argentinian, much to the surprise of everyone living there and international law).

-J-Lo has announced that she also won’t be at the opening match to sing the (apparently awful) World Cup theme, (I have been lucky enough to avoid hearing it so far: another difference between Salvador and ‘Waka Waka‘-drenched Cape Town in 2010).

Locals, who were slightly confused by the choice of a Cuban-American and a Puerto-Rican-American to sing a song 95% in English and Spanish at the Brazilian World Cup, must be devastated. It’s almost as if the people in charge of football don’t really care…

JLo Pitbull AMAs

-And finally, things may actually, finally, hopefully be beginning to starting considering changing in FIFA with regards to the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Have the people been listened to?


Are the fans being taken into consideration?

What do you think.

No, at long last a major sponsor, Sony, has spoken up at the stink which is starting to engulf them too, and therefore, just maybe, something may get done soon…



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2 thoughts on “17. World Cup News, Sunday 8th June…

  1. Peter Hall says:

    Still waiting for a list of jerseys you have brought to Brazil. I’ve seen an Oita one, Cameroon, Brazil (?). I figure must have a Benfica, Spurs, NY Red Bull……. Curious to see how many you’ve taken!

    • Those are extraordinary guesses, considering the range I had to choose from…spot on, every time! Plus a few more…

      In fact, I wrote a blog entry on jerseys a few days ago, but I am saving it for a day or two, along with the super stunning online match tracker…stay tuned! 🙂

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