20. Blatter drops the ‘R’-bomb…

Sepp Blatter, (in case anyone needs reminding, the head of the international body governing football, and not a stand-up comedian), yesterday announced that allegations of corruption against the (somehow) successful 2022 Qatar World Cup bid were founded on…”discrimination and racism.”

Not on research, journalism, proof, evidence, regular revelations of wrong-doing and shady practice.

Or on officials returning from paid trips to Qatar wearing two Rolex watches and trying to sneak them past customs.

It’s just people being racist.

“It really makes me sad,” he added.

clown 7

This is the man who, in November 2011, declared to an astonished world that there is “no racism” in the sport between players, and that if there is, they should settle things with a handshake.

If this clown wasn’t in charge of the sport I and much of the world love, it would be funny…




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