21. Medicals…

It’s been a busy few weeks for me, in many ways: a new country, a new place to stay and explore, a new accent to master, (apparently, Brazilians don’t say ‘obrigadinho‘ as much as the Portuguese do, which may explain some weird looks I got last week).

A new blog, new readers from around the world, and a new role as a celebrity blogger for a friend’s website, Let Me Do That For You.

I also became a minor celebrity (in my own mind) when I was interviewed by email for an article in Portugal’s second largest online newspaper, Mais Futebol, (article coming soon), as well as being interviewed by a journalist friend on Skype for an article in The Guardian newspaper.

“Have you had all your jabs and things?” she asked me on Skype.

“…” I replied, authoritatively.

Never mind Italy, Holland or South Korea, THIS is my biggest rival right now...

Never mind Italy, Holland or South Korea, THIS is my biggest rival right now…

I’ve never been very good at planning my trips, (I am technically homeless in ten days, at a time when Brazil becomes possibly the most expensive country in the world), but I hadn’t even thought about malaria or tetanus shots.

So I plan to spend my time avoiding mosquitoes and rabid dogs as much as possible over the coming weeks.

And not going to the jungle, now matter how much I want to see England play in Manaus, (which isn’t actually very much).

Football Jungle

Rumble in the Jungle…

Professional footballers have this kind of thing taken care of for them, which is how I came across this stunning photo.

David Luis, ex-Benfica and Chelski player, former star of my newly adopted team Vitória, and current PSG player/Sideshow Bob lookalike has definitely had his jabs.

So if he bites me, it’ll be OK.


David Luis gets a medical


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