27. World Cup Kits…

I have several addictions, from collecting books to Panini stickers to languages to countries visited, but one of my favourites is my collection of sports jerseys, 80% of them being of the footballing variety.

At the last World Cup in South Africa I carefully coordinated my day’s wardrobe to coincide with any teams that were playing, so I could support them in style.

The day Cameroon, Denmark, Japan and Italy all played, I was weighed down by four jerseys, (my FC København shirt, my fake Shunsuke Nakamura Japan jersey, my Indomitable Lions Cameroon strip, and my Fiorentina camiseta), which were peeled away one by one as the matches came and went.



(Can you spot the subtle Japanese ‘peace’ symbol?)

I have one for every team I’ve ever supported, in every country I’ve ever lived in, and a few from random matches I have been to, (FC Seoul, Thailand national team), as well as a selection of signed shirts from players past and present.


From Racing in Argentina…


…to PUMAS in Mexico!

Some are old, some are real, some are second hand, some are mouldy, some are fake: but every World Cup I choose my favourites and that’s pretty much all I show up with, (along with my computer, some books, and my collection of Panini stickers and swaps).

It was nice to see all of this year’s jerseys in one place, released by the Daily Telegraph and available in full here.

Which is your favourite this year?


World Cup jerseys, Brazil 2014

PS In response to a message from an avid fan of the blog, here is a complete list of the jerseys I have with me here in Brazil right now:

Tottenham Hotspurs 2013 home jersey

Oita Trinita 2008 home jersey

Brazil 2006 World Cup home jersey

Racing (Argentina) 2011 home jersey

England 2010 World Cup jersey

New York Red Bulls 2012 home jersey

Benfica 1961 retro home jersey

Cameroon 2006 World Cup jersey

UNAM Pumas 2010 Home long-sleeve jersey

Honduras 2013 Home jersey (traded for a $1 New Orleans Saints jersey in a 7-11 in El Salvador last year, with authentic stains).

GB Olympic team jersey, 2012, (multi-sport bonus jersey!)


9 thoughts on “27. World Cup Kits…

    • Yes!! They cleverly put it up overnight right next to the ticket collection centre, so everyone sees it when they go get their tickets…in that carpark!

      (There is also a great retro jersey stall set up on the ground floor of the local shopping centre selling GORGEOUS old style jerseys of dozens of teams and countries…I’m having trouble resisting!)

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