38. World Cup Day 14: insert your own ‘bite’ pun here…

Just when the games were threatening to get a little boring…

The last game of the day provided enough excitement for an entire week of blogging. Former World Champions Italy sent home? Check. Red card given to one team and not another? Check. Booming headed goal by booming headed goal maestro, Diego Godín? Check.

Oh, and then Luís Suarez bit another player.


For the third time.


‘Gnasher’ Suarez…

And then rolled around on the floor, with the audacity to hold his teeth, pretending to have been elbowed or something.


Either he bit him or, to be fair, he was shouldered violently in the teeth from a static position from underneath.

And then Uruguay won 1-0 and finished second in the group, and sent Italy home, and the Uruguayan manager Oscar Tabarez defended his wonderful but wayward striker by saying:

“Despite mistakes Suarez has made, he is the target of certain media, a certain press.”

So the media apparently reached down onto the pitch and forced Suarez to take a bite out of an opponent.


When will the media be stopped?!


Many people hope never to see this man happy again…

More was to come, as Uruguayan captain Diego Lugano decided the sport wasn’t being disgraced enough by his team-mate and manger, and so announced:

“What did you see? You saw this, really? You need to show me because I didn’t see anything…Did you see it today or did you see what happened in other years? You couldn’t have seen it today because nothing happened.”

Except something did happen, and thanks to a little thing we have these days called TELEVISION, Diego, everyone in the world saw it.

20140612-0052 copy

I wonder how this guy I met on the first day is feeling today…

But he wasn’t done yet. Lugano was disgusted by the bitee, Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini, complaining to the ref about the incident.

Because it’s OK to bite people, but not to complain about it afterwards when no action is taken against the biter.


The final word on the incident goes to the man himself:

“These are just things that happen out on the pitch. It was just the two of us inside the area and he bumped into me with his shoulder,” said Suarez after the match.


Suarez, FIFA, Blatter…disgracing the beautiful game…

So there you go. Football disgraced, one of the best players in the world (hopefully) facing a lengthy ban, almost certainly out of the rest of this competition, (and probably the next few), and questions being asked about his position at Liverpool.

There were three other matches taking place around this tooth-based bombshell: firstly, England and Costa Rica played out a 0-0 bore draw, (which I was happy not to have to watch); Japan put up a spirited samurai performance but were eventually spanked by nine-point Colombia, adding to the growing list of South American sides through to the next round;


These Colombians loved (just about) every minute of Colombia vs Japan…

and Greece somehow squeezed into the Round of 16 with them, thanks to a last minute penalty which you know wasn’t a penalty when the BBC refers to it as “a controversial injury-time penalty”, rather than what it actually was, a sneaky Greek (Giorgios Samaris) kicking the ground and then falling over.

Video replay anyone? Anyone? Ten seconds to decide World Cup matches correctly? No? Anyone?!…

I hope you’re enjoying the games and commentary as much as I am, and stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog which will answer such questions as:

-Can Ecuador beat France to possibly join them in the next phase, or will Switzerland knock over Honduras like everyone else has and up Europe’s presence in this America-heavy competition?

-Will Messi celebrate yesterday’s 27th birthday, (27?!? ridiculous…), by helping Argentina finally move up a gear against Nigeria, the last Africans standing after Algeria?


Happy Birthday, little man…

-And, most excitingly, will we see as many goals as we have become accustomed to asI bring you a report from the game all the cool kids are talking about, Iran vs Bosnia-Hercegovina, here in Salvador!

Check back tomorrow for all the answers…



13 thoughts on “38. World Cup Day 14: insert your own ‘bite’ pun here…

    • 10 seconds to keep the right team at the World Cup…hoping this tournament is the tipping point for FIFA and video replays, like Lampard’s ‘goal’ was for goal-line technology last time…

  1. Peter says:

    Keep up the great work D! Thanks for the Vine, too. Missed that game, what with watching Kiyotake get his first WC action, albeit a brief 5 minute cameo. Rumour has it he’s Villa bound. Come to think of it, Liverpool might have an opening. 🙂

    • KIYOTAKEEEE!!! I pointed him out to everyone at the bar I was in when he came on! I was watching that game too, which led me to the Vine clip, which apparently doesn’t show the whole story, (as a couple of Greek-hating but honest Portuguese readers have pointed out!!)

      Thanks for reading, love to Oita from me!

    • That will teach me to trust TV footage!!

      Glad you’re enjoying the blog, (despite the occasional error: it’s not easy partying, watching all of these games, AND writing about them!).

      Keep setting me straight, and I’ll keep writing!!
      And even the formerly boring teams, (Greece, Switzerland), are playing quite nice football…although I will still be cheering for their opponents in the next round, as I find Costa Rica and Argentina much more fun!!

    • Actually, I wrote the first reply whilst the video was loading: I’ve seen it again, and I STILL don’t think it was a penalty!!:-p

      But it’s good to have different opinions in football, and I think video replay should be used only to overturn clear, 100% wrong decisions.

      (Like not sending off Suarez yesterday!)

  2. João Godinho says:

    showing that I bear no grudge against Greece, in spite of what they did to us in the 2004 Eurocup final, I actually think it was a penalty. I have seen more conclusive footage than you show here, and you can see the Ivory Coast player touching Samaris´s left foot, making him trip, although I don´t think it was intentional.But you can never give a referee any excuses so close to the finish. At least there will be a team from southern Europe in the next round, and at least one portuguese. Kudos to Fernando Santos, taking the greeks to Brasil was a feat in it self, taking them to the next round close to a miracle. Watch and learn Paulo Bento!!!

    • Fair enough, I didn’t even see the game, only this clip, which looks pretty damning, but I take your word for it! Still, it’s certainly not the only major incident which could have done with 15seconds of review by a 4th referee to clear things up!

      And I spent 90-minutes today watching a very passionate Portuguese also leave the tournament: Carlos Quieroz was FIERY during the Iran game!! Mainly at how badly his team played, I think…

  3. Rodrigues says:

    “Video replay?” Yes please! QUICKLY! Oh wait… that would took some power from those who have to approve it… and guess what, they don’t really care about fair play and respect announced 😦

    • FIFA don’t care about fair play and respect? Haven’t you seen that giant ‘RESPECT’ flag they drag around the pitch before every 90-minutes of diving, cheating, complaining, niggling and disrespect?! They MUST care about it!!

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