34. World Cup Live Match Report pt.III: France vs Switzerland…

Seventeen goals.

That is how many have been scored in Salvador’s Arena Fonte Nova stadium in the first three games of the 2014 World Cup, three of the best games I have seen in three decades of football-watching.


Germany 5 (and a half), Switzerland 2…

After three games in Cape Town in 2010, I had seen two goals, and three of the worst games I had ever seen.

I hereby declare this World Cup the best ever. More or less.

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31. World Cup Day 6: Draws, Dives and Disappointment (for Brazil)…

The rain which hammered down all morning here both woke me up and kept me indoors, meaning I had time to completely organise both my photos,  and my Panini sticker collection.

20140614-0006 copy

Brazilian weather is…unpredictable…

In case you’re wondering, I need 173 stickers, and have already Continue reading