53. Greetings from Rio!…

Yesterday was the first day since I began the blog when I haven`t written to you,  so suffering mild withdrawal symptoms, I have sought out a cyber-cafe on Copacabana beach just to say: hi.

I jumped on a 2-hour flight from Salvador to Rio on Thursday, and had two hours at the airport to wait for my buddy Andreas to arrive on a later flight. I took the opportunity to stand at the arrivals gate with a hand-made sign, asking for a ticket to the Final in four languages.

Surprisingly, four different people came to me telling me they had them: two were asking silly money, two took my number and said they would get back in touch.

They haven`t.



All aboard the Doron-mobile…

The past48-hours must have happened because it`s now Saturday afternoon, and I am about to head to the enormous Fanfest on the famous beach here to watch Holland vs Brazil in the pointless 3rd/4th place play off. But all I really remember about it is the lovely, fun, crazy people I´ve met and hung around with, the rain which has been torrential, and lots and lots of beer and caipirinha.

If anyone needs a place to stay in Rio, I know the name of a good 24-hour bar in the city centre.

So, no new photos today as they are all still in my phone, and I don´t know when next I will get to a computer, so amuse yourselves with past blogs, and wish me luck as I spend the next 24-hours online, on forums, on people´s shoulders on the street, and on tenderhooks searching for that elusive ticket…

And don´t forget to sign up for details of the forthcoming Benfica to Brazil book!



3 thoughts on “53. Greetings from Rio!…

  1. Daniel says:

    Don’t forget to visit the Benfica beach bar at Ipanema beach… it’s the one with the big Benfica flags… can’t miss it!

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